Thursday Links: Christmas Trees; Taxes; The End of SEO

Lots of hat-tipping today…

A California entrepreneur has found a niche business delivering live Christmas trees for rent and retrieving them at the end of the season, Jennifer Steinhauer reports in the NY Times. (H/t Planet Money)

High-cost moneylenders are rising alongside microfinance organizations in India, Ketaki Gokhale reports in the WSJ. (H/t Felix Salmon)

Survivors of the 1980s farm crisis see parallels with the real estate crash of this decade. Read Richard Mertens’s report in the Christian Science Monitor.

New IRS regs taking effect next year could hit “bloggers, etsy sellers, affiliates, eBay merchants and other small businesses” if they don’t report online income from credit cards, Taxgirl writes.

Is SEO over? Robert Scoble thinks so. (H/t to our dearly missed Steve Baker.)

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