Tuesday Links: Get Fit

Springwise features a new fitness gadget positioned as a way for employers to improve their workers’ health.

States have been missing their goals for allocating stimulus contracts to women- and minority-owned businesses, Melissa Lafsky writes at Infrastructurist.

Bank execs meeting with Obama Monday promised to hire more loan officers, expand small business originations, and give a “second look” to applications they denied, Bloomberg’s Nicholas Johnston and Roger Runningen report.

Reuters’ blogger Felix Salmon questions whether banks really should lend more to small businesses or if the contraction of credit just reflects lower demand. An Economist blogger responds.

Capital One’s decision to report business credit card use on owner’s personal credit reports rankles some business owners, says SmartMoney’s Aleksandra Todorova. (The bank does this with business loans as well as credit cards, as we’ve previously reported.)

One venture capital firm is betting on marrying new technology with old manufacturing in the Midwest, Timothy Hay reports at VC Dispatch.

Jack Stack, who famously pioneered open-book management, starts blogging at the NY Times.

A new SBA working paper (PDF) suggests that people start working for themselves when unemployment is high and they can’t get other jobs, but employer firms more often start in response to economic opportunity.

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