Policing Corporations

PFIZER: $2.3 BILLIONAllegedly promoted unapproved uses for Bextra and other prescription drugs (September 2009)

QUEST DIAGNOSTICS: $302 MILLIONAllegedly sold inaccurate and unreliable laboratory test kits (April 2009)

ELI LILLY: $1.4 BILLIONPurportedly promoted unapproved uses for antipsychotic drug Zyprexa (January 2009)

BAYER HEALTHCARE: $97.5 MILLIONAllegedly paid kickbacks aimed at having patients switched to Bayer products (November 2008)

KYPHON: $75 MILLIONPurportedly persuaded hospitals to overbill for spinal procedures (May 2008)*

* Now owned by Medtronic Data: U.S. Justice Dept.

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