Credit-Card Security: Employee Training

According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, more than 28% of shoppers are expected to use credit cards to purchase gifts this holiday season. Unfortunately with this increase in credit-card usage, there is also a corresponding increase in fraud attempts. One of the most effective ways businesses can mitigate the risk of fraud is by addressing the employee component of the fraud equation.

Many organizations go through seasonal hiring in anticipation of the busy holiday season. By properly vetting and training all employees (including seasonal hires), companies can greatly reduce the potential for card fraud. Consider the following tips:

1. Make sure only authorized employees who have undergone background checks have access to computer equipment that processes credit-card transactions.

2. Ensure that each of your employees has their own unique password and logs off when they are not at the register.

3. Train your staff to be aware of the types of fraud attacks criminals may attempt and the risk to them. Use visual aids to demonstrate what tampered equipment looks like, such as those found in the PCI Security Standards Council’s Skimming Prevention: Best Practices for Merchants guide.

4. Implement a companywide policy for staff to report criminal activity and be aware of any harmful activity around POS terminals and transactions.

Bob Russo General Manager PCI Security Standards Council Wakefield, Mass.