Who Will Replace Fritz Henderson?

George Buckley, CEO, 3M Brought creativity back to the company. He's known as a strong leader and could help overhaul GM's culture.

John Krafcik, CEO, Hyundai Motor North America

The former Ford executive has spearheaded Hyundai's emergence in the U.S.

Anne Mulcahy, retired CEO, Xerox She restructured debt, pushed the company into the color printer business, and returned it to profitability.

Ralph de la Vega, CEO, AT&T Mobility

Hails from Whitacre's world and has kept AT&T rolling. With three telecom vets on the board, he'd have an in.

Denny Strigl, President, Verizon Communications

The rising star has helped run a moneymaker and made it a mobile-services leader.

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