Top Search Terms for 2009

We know that Google owns the lion’s share of searches on the Web, followed by Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing. But do the leading search engines attract different types of users?

In recent years the best insight into this question has come in the form of the year-end lists of top 10 search terms published by each company. On Tuesday, Google and Yahoo put out their lists, following Bing last week. One commonality is clear: the king pop was also the king of search this year, as the late Michael Jackson topped all three lists.

But contrasting the three lists below, a few interesting differences emerge. Keep in mind, the methodologies of these lists are likely to vary slightly.

Google’s Fastest Rising Search Terms (Global) 1. michael jackson 2. facebook 3. tuenti 4. twitter 5. sanalika 6. new moon 7. lady gaga 8. windows 7 9. 10. torpedo gratis

Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches 1. Michael Jackson 2. Twilight 3. WWE 4. Megan Fox 5. Britney Spears 6. Naruto 7. American Idol 8. Kim Kardashian 9. NASCAR 10.RuneScape

Bing’s Top Trending Topics 1. Michael Jackson 2. Twitter 3. Swine Flu 4. Stock Market 5. Farrah Fawcett 6. Patrick Swayze 7. Cash for Clunkers 8. Jon and Kate Gosselin 9. Billy Mays 10. Jaycee Dugard

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