Farewell, BusinessWeek

After 21 years at BusinessWeek, I’m leaving today, the day Bloomberg’s purchase of the 80-year-old magazine closes.

It has been one heck of a ride. I’ve had the opportunity to track technology and the people creating it all the way from the silicon (covering Intel and semiconductors) to computers (following Sun, Silicon Graphics and others during their ups and downs) to the Internet, including Netscape, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, countless startups, and virtual worlds (that’s me and my Second Life doppelganger in the photo). I’ve also written about many other things, from politics to retail to earthquakes.

Most of all, I’ve had the chance to work with really smart, dedicated people—including the many sources and readers who took so much time to help educate me. I’m hopeful that BusinessWeek’s new owners, who are clearly an energetic bunch steeped in the same journalistic ethics that kept me at BW, will maintain those standards and also help the colleagues they hired build a new magazine for these new times.

This isn’t really a farewell, because I expect to be writing on many of the same topics and companies in a variety of other venues. I’ve got a number of ideas I’ll be pursuing, but meantime, I’d love to keep in touch on Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and my new email address: robert.hof@gmail.com. I’ve also set up a bare-bones blog at robhof.wordpress.com. Yeah, it’s bare-bones all right, and I hope to upgrade to better digs soon. But for now, this will serve as my home on the Web and the place I’ll be blogging on a wide variety of topics as I get settled into new roles.

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