Designing the Future of Innovation Coverage

You know the saying: when one door closes, another opens. And a new, exciting era for business coverage is about to begin. How will you, as a reader in the age of social media, shape the conversation moving forward on the influence of design and innovation theory in the world of business?

I am looking forward to finding out. Today is the first day that BusinessWeek becomes Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and it is also my last day as Innovation Dept. Editor at the magazine. It’s been a huge privilege and honor to report and write about innovation and design for BW for four amazing years. And to have you as readers and, more important, commenters.

I am grateful for all that BusinessWeek’s brilliant editors and readers—you—have taught me. And I’m looking forward to learning more.

Please keep the conversation going on! And please read the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek in its many platforms for continuing coverage.

As for me, I can be found on Twitter as rjmac. Keep in touch. And as always, please share your thoughts. Your voice is important in the ongoing story of innovation and design coverage.

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