Asia Vs. America

So I’m halfway into my four week swing through Asia and here’s what I know so far.

1) China wants to shift from bicycles to cars. America wants to shift from cars to bicycles. Can’t we just exchange bikes and cars?

2) Asia wants to shift its education from math and science to creativity. America wants to shifts its education from creativity to math and science (OK, I’ll be honest—I don’t have a clue what the educational focus of American education is actually. Self-esteem?). Maybe we should just exchange teachers.

3) Asian governments have their Presidents, Prime Ministers and Mayors give out awards for design, design thinking, art, architecture, creativity and innovation. The US leave it to the President’s wife do this (hey, design is about drapes and clothes, right?).

4) Asian universities are opening thousands of design programs and departments to promote creativity. The most popular degree in America continues to be the traditional business degree (22% of all degrees granted in the US are in business).

5) Asian governments are pouring billions of yuan, Singapore dollars, won, Taiwanese dollars and other currencies into the promotion of creativity, innovation and design in their countries. The US is still defining innovation solely as technology and pouring billions of dollars into hard science, biotech, nanotech. Not much into creativity.

Conclusion? How do you spell “road kill,” as on the way to the future.

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