Top 10 Consumer Electronics Innovators

Everyone loves a list, especially (at this blog at least) one that ranks innovative companies. We publish our own annual Top 50 roster, which you can see here. Strategos, an innovation consultancy that is owned by UTEK, just released a Top 10 list of its own.

The rankings overlap a bit—Apple, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are on both—but the order is quite different. At BusinessWeek, Apple is first, followed by Google, Toyota, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Strategos puts LG in the lead, trailed immediately by Nintendo and Microsoft. As for Apple, it ranks 10th.

One obvious reason for the different lineups: The Strategos list includes only consumer electronics companies, while ours encompasses companies across all industries.

Since I first posted this, I had a chance to talk with Strategos CEO Peter Skarzynski about Apple’s relatively poor showing in the ranking, which is based on a consumer survey. Apple’s chief shortcoming, he says, is “uniqueness.” Its products are so common today that they seem commonplace. Even Microsoft, lifted by high scores for the Xbox and Zune, rates 15 points ahead of Apple on uniqueness.

LG also does well on uniqueness, as well as quality, usefulness, dependability, and, in some regions of the country, coolness.

Skarzynski says Apple’s results floored everyone at Strategos. “We triple- and quadruple-checked the data,” he says. They checked out.

Here’s the entire Strategos Top 10:

1. LG 2. Nintendo 3. Microsoft 4. Sony 5. Hitachi 6. Canon 7. Sharp 8. NetApp 9. Audiovox 10. Apple

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