Packing up the BW office

In a cluttered office, I’m discovering, almost nothing is worth keeping. But as I pack my things, I come across two books that give me second thought:

Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom—Why home values and other real estate investments will climb through the end of the decade, and how to profit from them. By David Lereah (sounds like something I should be on top of…)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Microsoft Windows Vista. (Who knows, in two or three years, I might “upgrade” to Vista…)

Then my colleague Burt Helm, the marketing and advertising editor, comes by with an envelope. It’s a letter from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. You’d think these direct marketers would know Burt down to his weekend brunching habits. So it’s a surprise to see that they got his title wrong. They call him Bert [sic] Helm, Global President, Baby Kids & Wound Care Franchise. (I wonder if Bloomberg is quietly shifting his beat…)

Still working on saving the archives to this blog. It’s a bit of a problem here, because most of the people with control over the innards of this system have been let go. And even if they could help me, Bloomberg no doubt will own the content as of Dec. 1. Maybe I’ll just jury-rig something.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it, and a Happy Thursday to the rest of the world. I’ll be seeing you at

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