ECOS Harbinger: $90,000 Electric Supercar

Building electric cars will come with its own set of challenges—but then, in other ways things are going to get a whole lot easier. With plenty of battery technology available pretty much off-the-shelf, and electric motors being incredibly simple compared with their combustion counterparts, there's not a lot stopping small, independent operators from building fun electrics and getting them to market as soon as they're approved for sale. And such is the case with the ECOS Harbinger—which truly could foretell a bit of a small-business revolution in electric sportscars. US$89,995 will buy you a 120mph, 150-mile per charge, 6 second electric supercar with Lambo-style looks and scissor doors to boot. Nice!

ECOS have built their reputation in recent years by offering fully electric rebirthing of old Volkswagens—bring in an old clunker without too much rust on it, and for around US$12,500, you can walk away with a simple electric commuter.

Of course, while simple and practical EVs are doubtless going to be the biggest sellers in the electric car revolution, there's nothing like a sportscar model to drum up a bit of enthusiasm—and that's where the Harbinger comes in.

It features an aluminium chassis, with a carbon/kevlar composite one-piece bodykit shaped to evoke an Italian supercar. Lambo-style scissor doors complete the look, but the heart of the beast is a 30kwh LiFePO4 battery pack and electric motor good for sub-6 second 0-60 times, a 117mph, electronically limited top speed, and a range of 150+ miles if you drive it like a granny.

In many ways the Harbinger seems like a very simple automobile—it looks great, performs pretty well and looks like a hoot to drive. Its US$90,000 price tag puts it far enough out of most folks' reach to be exclusive, and its Euro looks and electric-drill-meets-turbine engine sound will make it a surefire head-turner wherever it goes.

It goes on sale in Feb 2010—although pre-orders are now being taken directly through ECOS. Here's hoping we see plenty more small-scale electric fun-mobiles in the near future!

Via Autoblog Green.

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