Red dot Concept Awards in Singapore

I just got back from the red dot design concept awards given to Asian students and young designers. It was quite a production, with a runway for the winners to walk down to receive their awards. Ken Koo who runs the red dot museum in Singapore and is the organizer of this special type of design award for Asia, was on stage to hand out the awards, along with Peter Zec, founder of the red dot awards.

This was my first red dot design concept contest and I was struck by the high quality of ideas presented by the winners. Young Koreans did really well this, winning across a broad swath of concept markets. Young designers from Taiwan, Japan and China picked up awards. There were winners from Singapore, the US and Australia as well. If you’re looking for the best design talent in Asia, you should check out the red dot concept winners.

The space at the red dot museum in Singapore is big and well-designed to showcase the work of young designers. And I liked the idea of a bar/cafe being situated there too. Food and designers go together.

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