Enviro Groups Apply Pressure During China Trip

Enviro groups aren’t losing the chance to keep the pressure on Obama during his trip to China, where he’s vowed to tackle climate change. And they’re hitting on two fundamental problems: Water and coal.

The Environmental Defense Fund and the Asia Society are running a full-page ad in the NYTimes tomorrow using the dramatic disappearance of Himalayan glaciars to call on Obama and Hu Jintao to get serious on addressing climate change. The water that flows from the Tibetan Plateau is used by hundreds of millions of people. The Asia Society, showcasing the work of mountaineer and photographer David Breashears, who, during the past year, began doing expeditions to take photos that could be compared with photos from the early part of the century to show just how dramatic the melt has become.

Last week, three organizations: the Asia Society, the Center for American Progress and the Natural Resources Defense Council, released two reports calling on the government to put more funding into carbon capture and sequestration innovation. China, now the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is furiously building new coal plants and the U.S. depends on coal for a little over 50% of its energy.

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