Late Links: Small Business Reading

I’m trying to get in the habit of pointing to some of the best small business reading from around the Web. I don’t promise to post it daily, but I hope to do it regularly. So for today, here are some late links to check out:

The “informal economy” — that’s off-the-books business but not outright criminal industries — could be $1 trillion or 8% of GDP, Taylor Barnes reports in the Christian Science Monitor.

Entrepreneurs want their VC board members to be other entrepreneurs, not just bankers, Scott Austin finds at the WSJ’s VC Dispatch.

Simple is harder than complicated, but businesses like Chipotle and Nintendo are build on doing fewer things than the competition, writes Matt Linderman at Signal vs. Noise.

Strategies for targeting frugal shoppers this season from Janet Meiners Thaeler at Small Business Trends.

Learn how to bootstrap your marketing from novelist J.C. Hutchins in Becky McCray’s post at Small Biz Survival.

And retirees are launching startups for second or third careers, BW’s Lauren Young reports in this week’s magazine.

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