I'm Back

I’m back at BW and what timing! I’m landing right in the midst of BW’s ongoing drama and all of us wondering where we’ll be when the deal closes Dec. 1. So, being back on the blog is a bright spot and I really look forward to chatting it up with y’all again.

I took 6 months off for maternity leave. I decided that during that time, I’d stay away from work and focus on my daughter Lilly. And what that meant for me was staying away from blogging and Twitter. I was at the computer about to do some Twittering a few weeks after my daughter was born, but I couldn’t type anything in. It didn’t feel right to me, though I’ve done personal tweets before. I realized that my digital persona feels inextricably wrapped up in Businessweek. That there was a real distinction between what was appropriate and what wasn’t. Or actually, what people who signed up to follow me would expect. And it felt like it should mostly be things from an official BW person, not a majority of things from Lilly’s mom.

I know folks like Fred Wilson have split up where they write about their personal lives and where they write about their professional ones. And I guess I did that as well in a defacto way. Since I’d made the conscious decision not to think about work while I was on maternity leave, the follow on decision was to let my tweets and blog posts go silent. Breaking that silence now feels liberating in a way I hadn’t expected. I’m happy to be back on the blog, happy to start thinking about tech in a reporterly way again.

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