Who Needs Conde Nast? Gen Y Builds It's Own Fashion Platforms

I’m working with Parson’s grad Kelsey Meuse to build out a Gen Y Research Collaborative and she pointed me to It’s a simple digg-type platform where Gen Yers around the world are posting their fashion creations and getting rated by their peers. It’s simple, beautiful and wonderfully innovative in a quietly disruptive way.

What is most wonderful is that you don’t see anorexic models in pornographic poses manipulated by photographers and their fashion editor masters. You see authentic people in their teens and twenties wearing their own incredible fashions created by themselves. And it’s on their own culturally revalent media platform where they blog and comment on their work and have others post reactions and suggestions as well.

Why let arrogant boomers tell you what to wear when you can transform your generation from consumers to creators?

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