Marcus Buckingham's Myths About the Lives of Women

1. With better education, jobs, and pay, women are happier and more fulfilled.

Surveys of more than 1.3 million men and women reveal that women are less happy compared with 40 years ago, and compared with men.

2. Children want to spend more time with their working mothers.

1,000 kids were asked what they wanted from their working moms. 10% said "more time." More than a third wanted mom "less stressed and tired."

3. Women are relegated to lower-level roles at work.

In fact, 37% of women hold managerial positions today, vs. 31% of men.

4. Flexible work options like paid leave allow women to feel happier at work.

Studies show a negative correlation between taking advantage of such options and a woman's self-reported daily happiness.

5. Women would prefer to work for other women.

About 40% of women want to work for men, while 26% prefer a female boss.

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