Editor's Memo

For 80 years, BusinessWeek has provided the business world with insightful, richly reported, and unbiased information and analysis. In our very first issue, on Sept. 7, 1929, we asserted that our ambition was "to become indispensable" to business people and to "write sanely and intelligently of business without being pompous or ponderous."

Through times of war and peace, through booms and busts, we've made this our mission—and we have nearly 5 million magazine readers and more than 10 million online users to show for it.

Now we get the chance to become even bigger and stronger, in collaboration with our soon-to-be new owner, Bloomberg LP, which signed a contract on Oct. 13 to purchase BusinessWeek from The McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP).

McGraw-Hill has been the most benevolent of owners for BusinessWeek. Under a succession of CEOs, and under the current leadership of Terry McGraw, the company has protected our editorial independence, cheered our accomplishments, and kept our focus on journalistic integrity and excellence. I know the decision to sell BusinessWeek was not an easy one, and I also know that—once the company decided to consider a sale—a central goal was to find us a home that shared these values. Bloomberg, already a global editorial powerhouse with the highest of standards and the strongest of journalistic values, is such a home.

I'm confident that you, the reader, will benefit from the global resources and strong vision of the Bloomberg team while being able, as always, to rely on the trustworthiness and editorial strength of BusinessWeek in print and online. We look forward to continuing to serve you—and continuing to make ourselves indispensable.

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