Leverage the Web for Marketing Purposes

In creating a marketing plan that utilizes the Web, remember that the key is not to displace solid approaches to marketing and public relations but rather to integrate new tactics with traditional methods, to experiment, to measure, and to evolve continuously. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. Leverage the "organic" movement by authoring your own messages and deliver them through relevant blogs, podcasts, and Webinars.

2. Meet the demand for better, richer, more engaging messages via electronic multimedia formats.

3. Move beyond thinking of your Web presence as simply your company’s Web site—consider populating the Web with freestanding landing pages and tailor content for specific audiences.

4. Comment on blogs. It is effective but time consuming. Search for blogs in your industry with Technorati. Identify the most influential blogs for your keywords with a tool called AlertRank.

5. Set up Google Alerts to track mentions of your company and competitors. When appropriate, contact reporters and bloggers with a point of view about their story or blog post. Serve as a knowledgeable source rather than just pitching a product or service. Build a relationship.

Tim Hurley Partner/Managing Director BluePoint Venture Marketing Lexington, Mass.

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