Could Windows 7 Create More "Switchers" For Apple?

Strange question, you ask. But there are those (many of them in Cupertino) who believe that once the PC owners that are still using Windows XP (which is around 70% of the total) really start thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, they will choose to make the jump to the Mac instead. That’s because the process of upgrading from XP to Win7 involves headaches, including backing up your stuff on an external drive and reformatting the internal one. After all, millions of people have been introduced to Apple via the iPod or iPhone since the last big Windows upgrade occurred, and millions more have friends that have already made the jump.

So what do you think? If you’re thinking about upgrading or buying a new PC, let me know the following:

— Your name, and where you live (optional).

— What OS you currently use.

— What OS you plan to use in the future.

— Why you will or won’t move to the Mac.

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