Editor's Note

Our research shows that many of you are eager to begin new businesses"and we have practical suggestions to help

How likely are you to start another business? If you're similar to the entrepreneurs surveyed earlier this year by BusinessWeek's research services group, one business just isn't enough. Some 44% of those business owners said they are "extremely" or "very" likely to start another venture, while an additional 18% said they are "somewhat" likely to do so. Those numbers seemed a bit surprising—until we thought back to our last issue, and the entrepreneurs in "Chart a New Course." In that story, contributor Anne Field profiled business owners who were responding to a very tricky economic environment by redefining their companies or starting entirely new ones.

Our survey also found that the biggest challenge in starting a new business, even for those who've done it before, is finding the right idea. For some entrepreneurs, a "Eureka" moment may come to the rescue. But what if it doesn't? Or what if you're just too impatient to sit around and wait for lightning to strike? Surely there must be a better way—and we sent Senior Correspondent Amy Barrett out to unearth it. In "Beyond Eureka," she presents a simple, five-step process often used by serial entrepreneurs to uncover and vet business ideas. So, whether you're starting your first business or your tenth, we hope her reporting will help keep those good ideas coming.

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