Creating a Multi-Approach Marketing Plan

In coming up with a viable marketing plan that works in today’s business climate, it’s important that you don’t stick with just one approach, as the market is constantly changing. Instead, you’ve got to rely on a mix of traditional media, social media, and marketing tools. Here are a few tools that you should be sure to put to use:

Search. Some studies report that with the social Web, up to 90% of purchases today start with an Internet search. Gain a thorough understanding of search engines, how they work, and what you can do to leverage them. Think about "press release optimization." The increased use of AOL News, Google News, or Yahoo! News to conduct a news search has prompted a new generation of innovators to reinvent the press release for news search engines. Think beyond text. Multimedia news releases can now include video clips of product demos, RSS feeds, MP3 files or podcast links, and graphics to give your audience a clear picture of what you are trying to convey.

Social Media. It is not only here to stay, but it is also delivering measurable ROI—and not just for B2C businesses, but for B2B companies, too. Podcasting and blogging are complementing articles published through traditional media outlets, and many companies are successfully self-publishing content these days. When doing so, think about "narrow-casting" vs. broadcasting, and focus on content that is easily shared among your customers and prospects. This will help you keep costs down, be extremely targeted, and better engage your target customers.

Tim Hurley Partner/Managing Director BluePoint Venture Marketing Lexington, Mass.

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