Work with Firms That Are Similar to Yours

Because small business owners typically outsource a variety of important functions such as accounting, legal, and payroll services and specialized marketing, it’s vital for your firm to work with the right vendors.

Aside from hiring firms that possess the skills and experience to provide quality services, we recommend that small businesses work with firms (vendors, suppliers, business partners) that are like themselves in terms of size and culture. As a small and growing business, this typically means vendors that are ambitious and hungry for success, too.

Partnering with or hiring large, established companies may look good on paper and sound impressive to clients and prospects, but there’s a greater chance a small business won’t receive the attention it needs. To a big service provider, your small business has little effect on their bottom line, and their commitment may reflect this.

It’s more likely that small businesses will receive more attention and better service from smaller vendors that depend on small businesses like yours for their success. You’ll also be more likely to deal with the company’s senior management. Vendors or suppliers that are similar in size and culture to your business will usually be easier to work with because they’ll have much more in common with you, and are working to achieve the same goal—growth.

Jerry Carter CEO Carter & Consultants Hoboken, N.J.

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