Test Out Different Types of Sales Reps While in Startup Mode

It hardly needs to be said that when hiring it’s best to find ambitious go-getters—those seeking upward mobility and growth opportunities within your organization. Creating the right staff, especially a sales force, is so important, however, that it’s important to go even deeper.

For companies in startup mode, finding employees with the right stuff is likely to involve some trial and error. All too often, business owners mistakenly hire people just like them. Although it’s human nature, business owners should resist this temptation. Instead, hire employees and sales representatives from a wide range of backgrounds and with varied personalities. In a very short time, you’ll be able to determine which employee qualities mesh with your firm and your clients.

Just as important, you will discover which qualities make for a good salesperson for your firm and its products. Do you need a pushy, over-the-top salesperson? One who uses a low-key, soft-sell approach? Do prospects connect better with hipper, techno-savvy salespeople, or those with old-school methods?

The recruiting and hiring process is usually difficult, and every firm—no matter how established—makes mistakes. But by hiring a varied group in the beginning, business owners will figure out the right qualities more quickly.

Jerry Carter CEO Carter & Consultants Hoboken, N.J.

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