CMO Poll: Autos, Airlines and Banks Equally Tough Challenges For Marketers

The CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question: What CMO position do you think would be most difficult? (September 24 – September 30, 2009)

108 CMOs responded:

27.8% CMO at US Auto Maker 25.9% CMO at Large Financial Institution 24.1% CMO at Major Us Airline 11.1% CMO at Large Us Retailer 11.1% Other

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“US Auto Maker would be most difficult. Too many years of actions not supporting marketing spin on “Great Automobiles”. Huge trust and perception issues to overcome. CMO may not live through the length of time it will take to turn company around.”

“US Airline would be really tough given all the profitability issues. You are fighting for your lives vs. working through an economic downturn. A big difference. If the model is not profitable due to long term contracts, it’s much tougher to have the resources to sustain customer engagement.”

“Large Financial Institution would be really tough. More and more the CMOs role is focused on ensuring trust and credibility and for many of these companies, there is a huge gap in credibility that must be overcome.”

“Larger Retailer would be tough but there are proven success stories in turnarounds and repositioning in this industry”. “Company and Industry don’t matter as much if you have a supportive CEO and the credibility and resources from your executive team and board.”

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