Business Owners Must Have a Sales Mindset

All the operational expertise doesn’t mean a thing to a small business owner if there are no customers. Business owners must bring a sales mindset to any new or existing venture if it’s going to grow to the next level.

Customers aren’t just going to walk through a new business’s front door. Cutthroat competition exists in every industry. Word of mouth is great and used by most businesses to at least some extent, but small business owners shouldn’t fool themselves that this will drive revenues substantially, especially when a customer base is small.

Business owners don’t have to be good in sales to have a sales mindset. The right mindset recognizes the importance of sales and supports it properly through training and materials. Entrepreneurs who lack sales skills need to take sales training classes themselves. After all, employees need to know that it’s valued by the company founder. Think about it: Would you buy from or work for a person who isn’t able to promote their own business at networking events or on sales calls?

The sales mentality is not just for products. As the leader of a company, it’s important to sell the firm to prospective employees, business partners, and even bankers when capital is needed.

If all businesspeople had a sales mindset, they’d all have successful businesses.

Jerry Carter CEO Carter & Consultants Hoboken, N.J.

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