AdSense Oddity: Gizmodo Burial Urns

Google AdSense is the service that puts

Google AdSense is the service that puts “Ads by Google” display advertisements on many Web pages. It usually does a pretty good job of serving ads relevant to the content of the page—and sometimes it does a little too well.

Today, while reading the RSS feed of Gizmodo in Google Reader, I came across a curious item about a man whose family had placed his ashes inside the case of an old Sun Microsystems SPARCstation. Sure enough, beneath the item was an ad for Shine On Brightly cremation urns, plus offers for discount cremation, a San Francisco Bay ash-scattering service, and a company that will place your cremated remains in an artificial reef off Miami. Who knew? (You can see the Gizmodo item here, but with much duller, non-AdSense ads.