A Rant Against Twitter by Tyler Brule

I like Tyler Brule and find his views of global elite culture and travels entertaining. I like his new magazine Monocle. I used to like his old magazine Wallpaper. But Tyler Brule doesn’t get Twitter.

Now his take on Twitter is amusing—and true. My email boxes are now full of folks following me, indirectly asking me to follow them. That can be a bother when it adds up, as it often does.

But then I use some of these folks to create a human search engine to curate my news and information. I hope they use me for the same reason. Sure, lots of stuff on Twitter is nonsense (entertaining to be sure). But there is a seriousness to Twitter and all social media that Tyler is missing.

A good Twitter posse is better than a Google algorithm in ferreting out important and useful insights. Sorry Tyler, tis true.

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