More Applications Than First Imagined

GooglePRODUCT, RELEASE DATE: YouTube caption tool (October 2008)

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DISABLED: Onscreen video captions for the deaf

MASS-MARKET APPLICATION: Onscreen text allows for instant language translation

AmazonPRODUCT, RELEASE DATE: Kindle second-generation e-book reader (February 2009)

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DISABLED: Text-to-speech synthetic voice for the blind

MASS-MARKET APPLICATION: Turns electronic books into audio books for use when driving

ApplePRODUCT, RELEASE DATE: iPod third-generation Shuffle MP3 player (March 2009)

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DISABLED: Screen reader allows blind to use computer

MASS-MARKET APPLICATION: Voice-only device eliminates need for a display screen

MattelPRODUCT, RELEASE DATE: Mindflex game (October 2009)

TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DISABLED: Brainwave reader helps the paralyzed move objects

MASS-MARKET APPLICATION: Hands-free movement of physical toys

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