Are There Jobs in Journalism?

I’m about to give a speech at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC in its great Design Crit grad program. I know a lot of the students will ask me if there will be jobs for them after they get their degrees.

So I turned to Mike Mandel, Business Week’s chief economist, for help and he just blogged this wonderful (if ugly) series of charts on media employment. Bottom line, things are tough in newspapers and will probably get worse but there is a much bigger world of media out there and it it looking promising.

My two cents is that people are overwhelmed with “data” and “information” and long for insightful curators to sort things out for them. We used to call them editors. This need is rising fast. Journalists with deep understanding of their subjects, from Design and Innovation to Finance and Management, and an ability to integrate information from many platforms and present it over many platforms (print, video, TV, blogs, Twitter, etc.) will do very, very well in the future.

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