A Chevrolet Camaro for the MBA set

In its day, the Camaro was a cheap sports car for the buzz cut and gold chains crowd. But the new one, packed with a high-tech V-6 engine that kicks with 304 horsepower and 29 mpg on the highway (V-8 is optional) is far more sophisticated than the old generations of the car. General Motors wants to up its sophistication up a notch with an Executive Express edition of the car that will look snazzier than the stock version of the car, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told me. The car will be all black, may have some aluminum trim touches on the outside and a European-looking interior like an Audi, Lutz says. The car pictured above is not the Executive Express, it’s just a black Camaro. But you get the idea.

Why not? The car’s design certainly has cues from the Camaros of yore. But it’s not a retro knock off. It really is a modern interpretation of the Chevy pony car. So far, it has been a success. GM sold 8,700 last month, compared with 6,300 Ford Mustangs sold last month, and it remains in short supply at dealerships even in this dismal car market. A spruced up version may just hit.