To the Moon: Elon Musk's High-Powered Visions

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is plunging his money and skills into revolutionary ventures to drive consumers into electric cars and someday colonize Mars

When Jon Favreau, director of the Marvel (MVL) superhero film Iron Man, needed a corporate executive for actor Robert Downey Jr. to use as a role model for the flick's hero Tony Stark, he sought out Elon Musk. Like the fictional Stark, an engineering genius who runs a weaponry company and designs many of its armaments, the 38-year-old Musk is the CEO of a company—two, in fact—while serving as the top technologist for both. The two tech execs even tool around in flashy cars: Stark in a superpowered Audi, Musk in a $109,000 electric sports car that was the first vehicle off the assembly line at Tesla Motors, one of his two companies.

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