Branding Does Not Require a New Logo

Branding is a hot topic—but what does it really mean? Branding is the impression that you leave on everybody who interacts with your company at every touchpoint.

Therefore, it’s critical to understand how and where your brand affects and influences prospective customers. A brand is not simply your logo or tagline. It’s how your customers perceive you and the impact that that impression has on their relationship with your company. Are you the highest-quality provider, the least expensive, or the firm with the best customer support? Do you know which of these traits is most important to your customers and how you fulfill their needs?

In reviewing your brand, you have the opportunity to evaluate and expand your customer touchpoints. Carefully analyze how you communicate with customers and determine if these methods are still valid. If you’ve been advertising in the Yellow Pages for the past 20 years, do you know if customers still find out about your type of services this way? Or are they looking for you through search engines or online review sites, or perhaps through social media tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube?

Once you have determined which connections and touches you’re making, make sure you’re creating the right ones. Whom do you need to connect with to improve your business, and who needs to connect with you? Where are they? Can you meet them at networking events, through your Web site, or in social media groups? This is a great time to reconnect with colleagues and former business associates, but make sure you know where they’re looking for you!

Beth Goldstein President Marketing Edge Consulting Group Boston

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