YouTube: Popular for ignoring the recession

The Internet has altered the social dynamics of this recession. Many workers who are laid off now turn to their online networks of friends for support and new job opportunities, instead of shutting off from the world. Membership at online support groups for depression and anxiety disorders has picked up.

But according to the researchers at Pew Internet & American Life Project, the most popular form of online “diversion” from the recession is not really social at all — it’s Web video like YouTube and Hulu.

Here’s the chart:

Video won out over each age group Pew surveyed except Americans aged 65 and older, who preferred online games the most.

Below are some other findings from the report, titled "The Internet as a Diversion."

* 46% of online economic users who go online as a diversion have also gone online to find or use online coupons.

* 26% have sold personal items on an online auction site.

*15% have signed up online for automatic updates about economic or financial issues, and an additional 15% have tagged or categorized online content related to economic or financial issues.

*13% have shared photos, videos or audio files about economic or financial issues.

Does this mean video Web sites should now start worrying about the economy kicking back in?