How a Professional Designer Would Redesign The Health Care System

As anyone who followed President Obama’s speech on Wednesday knows, health care reform is as much about emotions as the delivery of care. Those emotions have been politicized and manipulated, but what if they were examined, understood and embraced by those trying to build a better health care system in the US?

Ravi Sawhey,founder and CEO of the design/innovation consultancy RKS, has put forth the process by which designers might approach the problem of changing the US health care system.

Here’s my favorite quote: ” We’d start by identifying the groups themselves and key triggers for all based upon emotional persona type: The Doubters, The Caregivers, The Fearful Fighters, The Blindly Optimistics, The Realists, and so forth. From there, emotionally relevant stories and experiences would be crafted to communicate and connect with the each group. Design, in the form of communication design or storytelling, will target the transformation of a bad situation into a range of positive experiences for all.”

The World Economic Forum has a new Global Agenda Council on Designing Large-Scale Social Systems. RKS shows how to start doing it.

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