Google Webcast for Investors on Search and Monetization

I’m listening in on the Google’s Webcast to investors today, which is being held in lieu of the company’s usual analyst day. I’ll liveblog the highlights as long as my fingers hold out. You can view it here on the Google investor site.

First up is Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, who at the outset says there won't be any financial info on the quarter. Oh well.

Now it's Susan Wojcicki, vice president of product management, who's employee No. 16, managing ads product for the last three years:

Search has been Google's passion since Day One. We still think there is a lot of room for improvement. Search is just in its infancy.

Google is focusing on four key things: the explosion of information online (10 petabytes a day of new info); integrating new kinds of information into search results, such as maps and images; making search easier on any device, such as mobile phones; and improving algorithms.

Google implements about 90 search innovations each quarter, and runs upwards of 50 experiments at any one time. "Our pace of innovation is accelerating."

Next up is Johanna Wright, director of product management for search. She notes that 20% of queries are ones Google has never seen before. So the algorithms habe to be "tip-top" to contend with that reality.

A lot of the changes are invisible but have big impacts. Speeding up maps results, for instance, doubled use of Maps. She also said Google's getting positive (if unspecified) results on search

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