Strategies Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore

As we continue to muddle through the worst economy many of us have ever seen, it can be tempting as a marketer to avoid rocking the boat and sticking with tried-and-true marketing tactics. Amid losses and layoffs, the status quo sounds a lot more appealing than the potential failure of testing and tweaking new marketing strategies to drive leads and conversions, but it’s exactly this thinking that will be the downfall of many marketers.

Still not convinced? Here are three ways to ensure failure is your only option:

1) Don’t update your Web site. Whatever you do, don’t put effort into transforming your Web site into an online marketing engine. Just let your site act as your online brochure and wait for your customers to find you. And by all means, make sure the content remains static. So what if tweaking landing pages leads to an increase in conversions—who has time to update content?

2) Ignore social media. If the past few years have taught marketers anything, it’s that social media are a fad, right? Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a flash in the pan, and your company needn’t concern itself with silly things like connecting with a community or managing your brand’s online reputation.

3) Don’t call your customers. No matter what you do, don’t try to engage your customers around new products and services right now. Hey, you’re not the only company feeling the squeeze, so it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie and make sure you’re not engaging. Even if your development teams are launching new products or services, wait until the economy rebounds before you try to upsell your existing customers.

So put your head down and wait for the market to turn around before you invest in new marketing experiments. What are you likely to find? There’s nothing left to invest in.

Robert Rose Vice-President, Marketing and Strategy CrownPeak Los Angeles

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