Fedex, Eaton & EDF collaborate to develop commercial hybrid trucks

Here’s an interesting case of what companies do when the market doesn’t meet their green needs. In the case of delivery trucks, there’s a classic chicken-and-egg problem. Fleet owners such as FedEx desperately want greener, more energy-efficient trucks. Yet big operators they don’t want to pay a steep premium for green technology. Likewise, vehicle makers such as Eaton want develop and sell greener products, but only if they know their financial risk to develop new eco-technologies will be paid back with strong sales. Enter EDF, a non-profit green group with a long history of helping corporations solving green challenges. The video below reveals all the work necessary to bring partners like Eaton and FedEx together to create a green delivery vehicle. The result is a burgeoning market for green delivery trucks, less fuel use and cleaner roads and urban air.

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