MMS Comes to AT&T iPhones Sept. 25

AT&T said that multimedia messaging would be available on the iPhone this summer. The company has just admitted the its going to miss the deadline, but only by four days. In a notice on its Web site, AT&T says that a software update enabling MMS will be pushed to iPhones (3G and 3GS models) on Sept. 25. The company had announced earlier that there would be no additional charge (beyond existing messaging fees) for MMS service.

Apple promised both iPhone MMS service and tethering (which lets you use your phone as a modem for a PC on a 3G network)back in January. Most carriers around the world have implemented MMS and many also offering tethering, but AT&T has lagged.

And it looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer for tethering. An AT&T spokesman says there is no date yet for the feature, which is available now—at an additional monthly fee—for other devices such as BlackBerrys.