Techland's Tentative Job Recovery

Hiring at small, venture-funded tech firms is on the rise, raising hopes for an industrywide turnaround by 2010

As recession forces many tech companies to cut jobs, pockets of the industry are adding workers en masse. Consider Platinum Solutions, a provider of software and IT services to the government. In the past 12 months, Platinum has boosted its workforce by more than half, to about 130 employees, after receiving large multiyear contracts from government agencies, including the Food & Drug Administration. As of mid-August, the company had more than 50 job openings. "We're recruiting heavily, we have four in-house recruiters working around the clock," says Platinum Solutions Chief Executive Officer Laila Rossi. And this is to meet demand for ongoing projects, she hastens to add—not jobs borne out of one-time federal stimulus.

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