How Will Windows 7 Impact Your Company's IT Spending Plans?

I’m starting work on a story on whether or not we’re in the early stages of a sustainable turnaround in tech spending, and in particular at the impact of Windows 7 on the overall tech sector. If you’d like to share information about what’s happening at your company, please weigh in:

— Are dollars for IT starting to flow again? Do you expect the 2010 IT budget to increase, and by how much? Or will your company’s tech spending settle at a lower level than before the downturn began a year ago?

— What are the company’s spending priorities now, and what do you think they will be in 2010?

— Will cloud computing—essentially, the ability for company’s to tap into technology purchased the cloud service providers—enable you to cut overall tech spending? Or will you spend the same, but on different things than in the past?

— Will Windows 7 cause the company to buy more PCs? If so, will that happen this year, 2010, or after that? If not, why not?

— Will the Windows 7 PCs your company buys be similar to models purchased in the past, or will the company move to netbooks and other cheaper models?

— Does Windows 7 have capabilities that will drive other investment cycles—say, to higher speed 10 gig networks?

— Do you believe the tech sector is entering a new growth phase?

Please include the company name, and contact info if you’re amenable to being contacted as I report out my story.