BusinessWeek launches iPhone and Blackberry Apps

I haven’t tried them out yet (my iPod touch doesn’t get WiFi in this office), but BW just launched apps for the Blackberry and the iPhone.

Colleague Spencer Ante covers it more on his blog. When Spencer told me about it this morning, I was recalling that it was 10 years ago, in 1999, that I was summoned from Paris to London to tell a group of BW and McGraw Hill execs about the tech trends in Europe. I held up my Nokia phone and told them that eventually they would have to figure out how to get BW content on mobile phones.

That got some good laughs. In their defense, I should add, my timetable for the mobile revolution was a tad optimistic.

1999 was perhaps BW’s richest year. Who would have thought back then that within a decade the magazine would be losing millions and up for sale—while hurrying to catch up on the mobile phone?