Help for Snow Leopard Printing Woes

By and large, Mac upgrades to Snow Leopard seem to be going pretty smoothly, but there are a lot of reports of problems with printers and scanners. This isn’t entirely surprising; drivers, the software glue that connects hardware to the operating system, generally cause the most problems after any upgrade. And Snow Leopard’s handling of printer drivers is significantly different from its predecessor’s.

Both Apple and Hewlett-Packard have some help to offer. If you are having printer or scanner problems after a snow Leopard Upgrade, the first place to go is the printer and scanner compatibility page on the Apple Web site. Apple also has a page to help troubleshoot Snow Leopard printer issues.

If you have an HP printer or scanner and that doesn’t solve your problem, more help is on the way, but you’ll have to wait about a week. From 8 am to 5 pm on Sept. 9, HP technicians will provide real-time assistance for issues posted on HP’s Mac Printing & Scanning Board. After the real-time help ends, HP promises that techs will continue to monitor the board and attempt to provide timely help in resolving problems.

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