Ford Fans Take Ford Name After Wedding

A newlywed couple featured at The Ford Story website, have taken this whole brand ambassadorship thing a little over the top.

Most women take their husband’s last name. Some hyphenate. Very few men take their wife’s last name, though it does happen. A few have been known to create a hybrid name from their two last names; such as a man named Jones and a woman named Willoughby going with Jonesoughby.

Fewer still opt for a whole new disconnected name. But this couple whose story has been chronicled on Ford’s site opted for Ford.

Seems a bit contrived. On the other hand, as I read the serial and this latest installment, the whole thing actually seems to walk the line of credibility and contrivance.

Next time I see Bill Ford, I’m going to ask him if these two will be invited to the quarterly Ford family business meeting.

……………From The Ford Story:

The Wedding Road Trippers Take a New Last Name: Ford Most couples say the months leading up to marriage are quite a trip, but for Jamie Case and Chris Hodges, they really were on a trip. The Wedding Road Trip, to be exact.

On August 15, 2009, the trip came to an end and the journey began. They are officially Mr. and Mrs. Ford. Wait a tick - that’s not Chris’ last name. And it’s not Jamie’s either, for that matter.

That’s right. Jamie and Chris decided to take a new name, and that name is Ford. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post explaining the rational they followed for picking a new last name:

1) The word “Ford”, as defined by, means “to cross a river.” It implies strength and determination, two qualities Chris and I hope to embody in our marriage.

2) President Gerald Ford, an adopted member of the Ford family, was from Grand Rapids, Chris’s hometown. Chris holds Gerald Ford in high regard, as does the rest of his family.

3) Betty Ford helped raise awareness for breast cancer and was considered a leader in the Women’s Movement. She is also the founder of the world-famous Betty Ford Clinic, which helps treat substance abuse and addiction.

4) Ford is the only American car company that didn’t take bailout money.

5) Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company with the idea that the common man should and would be able to afford his own car. The Ford Motor Company still works to achieve this goal today.

6) Roxy has been like a family member to us, and since her last name is Ford, we’re happy to share it with her. Even though we’re going to have to say goodbye to her this week, she’ll always live very large in our memories.

7) Driving around the country seeing the Ford sign everywhere made Chris and I feel like a part of a larger family- we loved that.

8 ) Chris’s mother has an extensive history with Ford.

9) My father, who was the student body president of Fresno State, was given a Mustang fastback during his presidency.

10) My first truck was a Ford Ranger- a vehicle that is infamous to anyone who ever drove with me in high school. My brother, who was one of my best friends growing up, always had Mustangs.

11) My grandfather Bud loves the entire country in his Ford truck

You can view their blog entries at Ford on Blogs by clicking here, or go to to read their entire blog.

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Officially, the wedding road trip was a pre-wedding road trip around the country to see friends and family prior to signing a marriage certificate. The trip focused on learning more about marriage and the commitment therein.

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