Who To Follow On Twitter

For the last week or so, I’ve been reaching out to our Twitter followers with a question: What one person should every entrepreneur on Twitter be following?

The response has been great, and today (just in time for #FollowFriday), we’re excited to publish a list of 20 people every entrepreneur should follow on Twitter. It’s a mix of your suggestions and our own picks — Twitter celebrities alongside lesser known people, some of whom I only just discovered. We also selected a compelling tweet from each to demonstrate why they made the list.

This isn’t the first attempt at such an effort. And our picks are neither definitive nor comprehensive. But they can be a place to start for entrepreneurs still exploring the service, and I hope even seasoned Twitter users will find one new person worth following. I think just following these 20 people alone on Twitter will make most entrepreneurs smarter and help them discover better ways of doing business. But if we made a glaring omission (likely) or included someone who wouldn’t make the cut on your own list, let us know in a comment below, or find us on Twitter: @newentrepreneur.

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