CMO Poll: Marketers Want Traffic To Homepages More Than Third-Party Sites

It seems every marketing and advertising conference around these days is packed with sessions about how to leverage social networking to the benefit of a brand. One of the issues that pops up is how obsessive companies should be in driving conversations and visits to their branded home-pages, versus nurturing the conversation on third party sites.

Many companies want to herd consumers to their sites, while others are content to let the action happen wherever it happens. In our weekly Brand New Day/CMO Club poll of CMOs, we asked: How has your Corporate/Brand website strategy changed given the explosion of social networking sites?

102 CMOs responded:

35.4% Site still critical, so developing new offers and content to attract customers from networking sites.

24.5% Place for sharing company point of view (as customer conversation starters)

22.5% Don’t see traffic moving off site.

17.6% Portal for aggregating and sharing 3rd party company networking site conversations.

0.0% Leveraging 3rd party networking sites as our new corporate/brand site.

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“We continue to increase our focus on our brand sites to share points of view that start conversations about our brands on Facebook, Myspace, etc.”

“We leverage social networking sites to attract consumers to our branded sites. We have shifted focus on conversations on our site to supporting conversations on other sites but offers and calls to action come through our site.”

“Being in the B2B Software space our participation in forums and industry networking sites is a key piece of our website/digital strategy for nurturing leads. Social networking helps with nurturing, not just creating new leads all the time.

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