Just Do It Today

What is your plan for today? It’s important to realize that we live in 24-hour cycles. How we see today matters. If we see today as a gift, we will use our time differently than if we see it as a burden. If we see the activities within our day as problems, we sometimes wish the day away. We wish we didn’t have to do things today that may need to be done, and therefore we procrastinate and become less effective. However, if we see today as a gift—and this gift we’ve been given is full of opportunities—we will perform differently, and be more diligent in making the most of every day.

How can we be more productive each day? I recommend the following:

1. Start each day in a positive spirit. The way we start our day affects our family relationships, our employee relationships, and our customer relationships.

2. Throughout the day, find opportunities instead of problems. We need to develop the habit of looking for opportunities to learn. Dealing with opportunities is a positive emotional event and dealing with problems is a negative one. It makes a big difference in our attitude.

3. Conduct an end-of-day review. At the end of each day, invest just 10 to 15 minutes reviewing what went right as well as what went wrong. It will make a real difference in what happens tomorrow.

Recognizing the things that went right can create a great deal of encouragement for you and others around you. For instance, if one of your co-workers or employees went the extra mile today and as a result, you or the company benefited by it, you will recognize it in the daily review. Tomorrow, offer praise and appreciation for that extra effort. A little recognition goes a long way.

Charlie Fewell President Charlie Fewell & Associates Memphis, Tenn.