Align Sales and Marketing Efforts to Increase Profitability

Sales and marketing materials are often wasted because of inconsistent messages between the two. The sales department may be thinking, "marketing does not know what I need to say to my customers," while the marketing department thinks, "we create all these great sales pieces that do not get used." Getting these two groups on the same page increases productivity and profitability, decreases miscommunication and unused materials, and presents a consistent brand to the marketplace. Benefits to synchronizing marketing messages with the selling process include:

1. Accelerated sales cycle. Marketing creates awareness of the organization and generates leads, followed by a well-versed sales force to respond to leads and brings the sales cycle to a conclusion.

2. Support for business objectives. Once messaging is aligned, tracking the ROI of marketing campaigns is much easier because it can be compared directly with sales data.

3. Increased profitability. Automating and centralizing collateral production and print processes creates cost and time savings. Employees can focus on other projects instead of low-value tasks such re-creating existing materials.

One way to align your sales and marketing efforts companywide is to collaborate on the creation of templates. Marketing employees can lock down the elements needed for corporate compliance while the sales team can customize the message for specific customers.

Another way to accomplish this is to create a centralized sales and marketing Web site that can serve as a marketing resource management center. The center makes sure that every department in your company uses standardized messages, along with logos, colors, and specialty fonts that create your unique visual identity.

Creating materials that reflect both the marketing and sales messaging ensures that clients and prospects get a thorough, consistent, and accurate presentation of your company.

Gordy Cain President and CEO Dynamic Marketing Systems Norcross, Ga.

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