Don't Neglect Those Pesky Software Updates

Modern software can do amazing things, but like a car, it needs constant maintenance to run properly. Updating and patching desktop software is critical to keeping your business safe. Remember to do the following:

1. Turn on automatic updates. Windows and many other programs have automatic systems for downloading and installing patches and other updates. Turn them on for all of your desktop systems.

2. Standardize your antivirus software. Pick one antivirus application and install it on all desktops. Then train employees not to click on suspicious antivirus or security pop-ups, which often lead to malware or phishing sites.

3. Alert users to regular patch schedules. Microsoft, Adobe, and other vendors now have scheduled patch releases. Tell users when to expect new patch notifications to help them avoid fake security updates that contain malware.

4. Don’t neglect mobile devices. Internet-enabled devices such as iPhones and BlackBerrys often require security updates, too. Ignoring these devices can lead to serious data thefts and attacks against the rest of your company’s network.

Dennis Fisher Security Evangelist Kaspersky Lab Americas Woburn, Mass.

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